Darcie Crager

Theatre Professional

The Automobile Graveyard

West Coast Premiere

Written by Fernando Arrabal

Directed by Darcie Crager

Scenic Design by Justin Ryan Brown

Costume Design by Naomi Gonzalez Kahn

Lighting Design by Ning Ji

Sound Design by Chad Mata

Stage Managed by Kristin Hwang & Julia Nelson

Produced by the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television


Director's Note:

“Suffering is justified as soon as it becomes the raw material of beauty.” - Jean­ Paul Sartre

In recent world events such as the cartoonists being executed in Paris last month for voicing their freedom of speech, as well as the matter of police brutality stirring our nation, particularly now is a time to seek change against violence as a means of communication. The Automobile Graveyard has allowed me to express my own reactions from these events by using freedom of expression through art (much like both the French cartoonists and characters of this play), but also to expand on the effects that violence has over innocence. Living amongst the repressing forces in their lives, the inhabitants of this graveyard world use their art as a means of survival, and many suffer because of it in the end. When we disagree, we cannot throw bombs at each other. We must discuss our opinions. We must debate. We have to stand, resist the pressure of aggression and, most importantly, learn to understand our differences.  - D.C.

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